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Oh, the confusion!

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Wuxiapian Sat 23-Jun-07 23:56:01

Paypal's got me flummoxed!

Is it correct that each time I'm being paid by a winning bidder through paypal, I'm supposed to be paying fees?!
Also, I had to upgrade to business account as I passed some kinda limit. I didn't think I'd done that much buying and only just started selling!

Please excuse my ignorance and HELP!

Waiting in hope

backhomenow Sun 24-Jun-07 01:51:37

paypal will take the fees out of the money as it goes into your account, don't know about business accounts but i've had £150 go into my PP acc in the last month and not had to upgrade it

horsemadgal Mon 25-Jun-07 00:14:00

If someone wants to pay you by paypal and the money is coming from their bank or credit card, you have to upgrade to the premier account. Then once you do, you get charged for every payment received. 20p plus 3.4% or something like that.

If you only accept 'funded' paypal you can keep the personal account but you really need the premier one if using on eBay.


Wuxiapian Mon 25-Jun-07 09:58:58

Thank you both for taking the time to reply.

Hmmm... So, by the time I've paid insertion fees, paypal fees and stocked up on those bloody jiffy bags, is it really worth it?

I'm gonna go stuck my face and ponder.

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