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Can someone explain the eBay Resolution Centre to me?

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QuimReaper Tue 04-Apr-17 10:13:30

I'm really confused.

Last time I ordered something which didn't arrive, I opened a case and it ended up being closed and I never got my money back. It wasn't much money so I just sort of shrugged it off, but now I'm back in the same position and being ignored by the seller, and keen that it not happen again.

I've just looked at the "history" of that "resolution" in eBay (screenshotted) and I'm baffled - I sent three messages but they closed the case saying they hadn't heard from me confused There isn't any obvious way to contact eBay, only to contact the seller, what was I supposed to have done?

QuimReaper Tue 04-Apr-17 10:15:20

This is the live request - "If you don't hear back by Apr. 6, or if there's a problem, you can ask us to step in and help on that day." But how?! I think before I was waiting for an email saying "has this been resolved / would you like to escalate" or something, but never got one. They seem to want me to be entirely proactive about contacting them but don't tell me how to do that confused

QuimReaper Tue 04-Apr-17 10:19:31

OK, I've now found on the website somewhere it says "If the seller hasn't resolved the problem within 8 days, we will take over for you. Just go to the Resolution Centre and click on "Escalate the case to Customer Support".

I'm pretty sure that's the option I just couldn't find before. I find them very slippery and annoying.

Pandamanda3 Tue 04-Apr-17 10:28:45

Im a little confused by what your asking but if it's what I think then on the 6th of april in the actual case screen is: we're it says history and u message seller the option appears there, only on the day and it's fast if you don't reply in time they review the case & will close it.
I hope that helps, try requesting sellers contact details and call them.
Plus the only way your previous case would have been closed by customer service would have been if the seller could prove it delivered they may have called up ebay not necessarily answered in case or if not your money is automatically refunded no matter how small the seller doesn't have a choice.
Im a seller best try & call them or call ebay themselves good luck x

19lottie82 Tue 04-Apr-17 12:38:06

The resolution centre is there for you to try and work things out with the seller. If you can't then after 8 days you must escalate it if you want eBay to step in (and essentially for you to get your money back).

If you don't then the case eventually will time out and close in the sellers favour. If a buyer doesn't escalate the case then eBay will assume that the matter has been resolved.

A button will appear for you to click to escalate the case 8 days after you have opened the case.

QuimReaper Tue 04-Apr-17 13:23:31

Thanks both.

So there's a small window on 6th April for me to escalate if the seller doesn't respond (which they won't), and if I miss it they'll automatically close the case? Seems like a rubbish system! Couldn't they prompt me on April 6th instead of leaving it to me to rush in and hit this Escalate button before it vanishes?

This seller is so unprofessional, I really want there to be consequences for her.

19lottie82 Tue 04-Apr-17 17:19:30

Hi OP - don't stress it's not a small window, I think you have another 3-4 weeks minimum to escalate the case before it "times out". But yes, you should get an email from eBay prompting you to take action before that.

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