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Lindy Bop dresses - worth selling?

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scampimom Mon 27-Mar-17 11:48:51

Greetings, O Wise Ebayers.

I've got about half a dozen Lindy Bop dresses and some 50s style petticoats. Some are unworn (BNWT), most have been worn a maximum of 2 times. I have recently come to the conclusion that much as I love them, they do not suit my shape. I know they are quite popular, but wasn't sure about maybe selling them on eBay - I figured that most of these private sales of clothing go for 99p plus P&P, and I'd probably end up paying more for the postage than I'd get, so I'd end up losing money.

I'm not interested particularly in making a profit or anything, but would like to at least break even while making space in my wardrobe and seeing my beloved dresses go to an appreciative home.

What do you reckon? Worth doing? What should I be asking for them, and what would a reasonable P&P charge? Any advice gratefully received.

stickssss Mon 27-Mar-17 12:08:40

There's a Lindy Bop buy / sell page on Facebook. Try selling them on there. Most sellers include p&p in the price. Have a look at others listings and advertise yours for a similar price.

scampimom Mon 27-Mar-17 12:30:32

Oh you dancer, that's perfect! Thank you v much.

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