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Does this seem dodgy to you?

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Giratina Wed 12-Oct-16 10:05:47

I ordered a t shirt for DH back in September, coming from China so I expected it to take a while. I've just had a message (see attached screenshot) saying there was some sort of PayPal problem and the payment isn't confirmed whatever that means. They want me to go through all this rigmarole of getting a refund and then paying again, something about the whole thing is setting alarm bells off for me, do you think I'd be better just raising a case through eBay, getting a refund and forgetting about the item, at this point I'm dubious that I'd ever receive it and I've lost faith in this seller.

Giratina Wed 12-Oct-16 10:06:04


Didijustgetwinkpointshitcanned Wed 12-Oct-16 10:08:11

Dodgy. They are taking the payment away from eBay and making it PayPal only. I would get a refund and leave this one.

nueday8 Wed 12-Oct-16 10:09:15

Get a refund.

JustSpeakSense Wed 12-Oct-16 10:11:02

I agree, get a refund and buy elsewhere.

Giratina Wed 12-Oct-16 10:17:10

Thanks all. I thought it didn't seem right. I'll raise a case with eBay.

19lottie82 Wed 12-Oct-16 11:57:43

I can see the item you've purchased and chances are it will be Tiny and the quality will be crap.

Get your refund and buy a decent one from the UK.

Giratina Wed 12-Oct-16 13:10:34

I've bought from Chinese companies before and some of the stuff has been ok, it was only a daft stocking filler type thing anyway. Now nervously waiting to see if the Chinese mermaid tail blanket I've ordered for DD arrives or not. I've dobbed the seller from the t shirt in to eBay for trying to avoid fees and I've written back to them to say I'll have the refund but I won't be buying again unless it goes through eBay. I won't be buying from that seller again anyway.

FlabulousChic Sun 16-Oct-16 18:43:59

To get your refund you should file a non receipt dispute. Does the PayPal transaction give you the option to cancel? Oh and it's not an off eBay sale if you pay to a different email address citing the eBay listing number in the comment box. They aren't getting away with fees at all

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