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Seller accepted return (not as described) but won't send a prepaid postage label

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cavalo Fri 07-Oct-16 08:24:30

Thoughts welcome!

I bought an item described as new without tags, which when it arrived has clearly been worn (knitted cardigan with thread pulls and bobbling). I immediately sent a message with photos to the seller who was unhelpful. I opened a return request which the seller accepted, but they refuse to send a postage label and keep insisting that I just post it and they'll refund me. Their reasons for not sending the label are nonsense e.g. it costs double to post through eBay than via royal mail. We're now at a stalemate, I want to follow the eBay process, they don't. Would you just post it and hope they refund the purchase price and return postage, or wait a few days until I can escalate to eBay? The seller has lots of selling feedback, with a few neutral s for items not as described.

WatchingFromTheWings Fri 07-Oct-16 08:28:44

If the eBay rules state they have to send a prepaid envelope then go with that. Copy and paste that rule and tell them to send one or you'll escalate the issue.

NotVeryWhite Fri 07-Oct-16 08:47:23

You can open a case if your seller doesn't abide by eBay rules. eBay will rule in your favour and make the seller do what they should.

NotVeryWhite Fri 07-Oct-16 08:50:52

Though I think eBay may consider their offer of a postage refund as being acceptable.

It might be worth going on eBay chat to check that eBay will sort the buyer out if the refuse to pay your postage afterwards.

In my experience, a seller offering to refund postage actually does. You have it documented that they offered to, which would support a future case through eBay disputes.

cavalo Fri 07-Oct-16 11:42:45

In case anyone is interested, eBay said I shouldn't post it without the return label. They said if the seller doesn't provide one within the timeframe I've to contact eBay again.

thelionsleeps Fri 07-Oct-16 12:27:09

I was just about to start a thread with the same question. My seller was disputing the condition of the items so I thought that she would not refund the extra postage even though she said she would. Ebay has told me to wait for the postage label so I will do that. Thanks

NotVeryWhite Fri 07-Oct-16 12:56:59

Wow, good to know! I've been in your position before and had to take the leap of faith, luckily it paid off as the seller refunded postage. At least I know the policy now though!

19lottie82 Fri 07-Oct-16 13:29:38

eBay can't force a seller to refund postage retrospectively.

If you open a case and eBay authorises a return, then the seller won't send a label, eventuallY eBay will refund you automatically anyway, so the seller is really cutting their nose off to spite their face!

cavalo Fri 07-Oct-16 17:48:31

Thanks everyone. I really wish we could block sellers. smile

Lion- good luck.

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