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PayPal for table

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Itwillbefine Wed 14-Sep-16 18:16:23

I've been watching a particular dining table, it comes up quite frequently and missed out on one but it's been relisted due to a timewaster. They're now saying they won't accept cash on collection PayPal only, but everything I've read on here says never do PayPal for a collection item. Would it be worth risking it if I get a bargain?

bumblemouse Wed 14-Sep-16 18:21:05

It's fine for you to pay PayPal if you're collecting, just risky for the buyer. But if it's what they want then do it.

19lottie82 Wed 14-Sep-16 21:19:40

Yes, as advised, there's no risk paying by PayPal if you're buying something that's collection only. Just never accept it if you're the seller as it leaves you wide open to being scammed.

Itwillbefine Wed 14-Sep-16 21:23:18


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