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Item not arrived, seller sent it to the wrong address

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kid Thu 28-Dec-06 22:57:09

I won an auction for 2 tops in November. Paid instantly using paypal and a few days later I received 2 tops. It wasn't until the seller contacted me saying she has sent me the wrong tops. My tops had gone to the person that had won the tops I had received.

The seller sent me a cheque to cover postage costs of sending tops to correct buyer. I did that in November but still haven't received my tops. Its not alot of money, but I am more annoyed that I have paid, had to go to the post office and yet still have no tops.

I have emailed the seller a couple of times and she is waiting for the other buyer to get back to her. Well tonight, I have got the other buyers Ebay ID and contacted her directly. I just have to wait and see if she bothers to reply now.

iPodthereforiPoor Thu 28-Dec-06 23:01:31

I dread doing this when I'm selling - check and check again i do. Hopefully the other buyer comes out good for you.

kid Thu 28-Dec-06 23:08:40

The seller has been very honest about it and emails me. I don't know whether to just start a paypal dispute or wait a little bit longer for the buyer to reply.

ditzyangeluk Wed 03-Jan-07 07:04:50

Start a dispute - get a refund. She has had adequate time to rectify matters.

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