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Where do I stand as the buyer RE postage

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vanillabeauty Thu 04-Feb-16 14:03:57

So I brought two tops. Both 99p each plus £3.30 postage. Which was fine, however I now realise the seller was the same for both items, they have arrived, in the same package with postage for £1.26. I am not stingy (although I may sound it) but this seller has made over £5 on postage not on the item. I always thought postage should cover postage, not make you money! (Didn't realise how thin the tops were, so assumed postage per top would be £2.80). Should I mention this to the seller? Or live and learn......

19lottie82 Thu 04-Feb-16 14:28:25

You can't force them to refund the difference but Yes, of course mention it. If they don't deal with it to your satisfaction feel free to leave low stars for postage costs and neutral or negative feedback.

BrewsterBabies Sun 07-Feb-16 09:41:33

If that person was a good seller they should of sent you a revised invoice with a postage discount on for the two items together that's what I always do.
Contact them and say the postage was excessive could they give you a partial refund and if you had known they were both being sold by the same seller you would of asked if they could combine postage for you . some people have ridiculous postage costs just to add profit to there items xx

HSMMaCM Sun 07-Feb-16 09:46:33

They probably just guessed the postage and then didn't think about it when they posted them together. Just contact them and ask if they'll refund the money. It's a bit cheeky, but in the end you were prepared to pay that much for the items. They are either scamming you for postage, or just didn't really think about it. You don't know.

SevenOfNineTrue Sun 07-Feb-16 10:06:25

Some Ebayers use P&P as a way to make money. They place items very cheaply on the site then make a few quid extra from the P&P.

chipsandpeas Sun 07-Feb-16 10:59:37

ebay also take a share of postage costs hence some sellers will slightly inflate it so they arent out of pocket

19lottie82 Sun 07-Feb-16 15:29:47

chipsandpeas yes you're right, but sellers increasing their postal fees to cover ebays cut isn't allowed.

summerwinterton Mon 08-Feb-16 22:09:46

They should have sent in 2 separate parcels. If you want 2 negs to count leave them 8 days apart btw.

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