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Excess postage charge.

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Dudess Mon 09-Feb-15 16:12:16

I realise postage is a bit of a hot spud with buyers and sellers, but have just received item I've paid an extra.£2 postage for! Item was sent second class, too, and put in a large paper envelope (so wasn't waterproof etc...) Was only a child's dress, too, am sure a carrier bag could have been wrapped around!

I've left message for seller to say I'm unhappy, and not yet left feedback. What would you have done?

glammanana Sun 15-Feb-15 10:53:30

Whilst I could say that you knew the postage cost when you bid for the dress I would expect if it was me for the item to arrive wrapped correctly,and if they have changed the post from maybe 1st class to 2nd class then I would certainly tell the seller you are disappointed with the charges.
I always wrap my clothing items in tissue and fold correctly so its neat and tidy then put inside a waterproof self seal bag,at the moment if sent by RM the cost for a small parcel is only £2.80 so I wouldn't be happy with anything above that for a childs dress (depending on the size of course) You can mark down on P&P feedback but remember that anything under 3 will act as a defect to the seller and ebay do not like to get involved with postage disputes,ask for a refund and see what response you get it may have been a genuine mistake

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