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Fake (and possibly dangerous) baby toy

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Lazybones80 Fri 28-Nov-14 01:43:30

I'd be grateful for some advice here. I bought my 6 month old baby a toy from ebay. One of my friends had it and we had toy-envy, but I couldn't find it anywhere, hence buying it from ebay. It was advertised as "brand new", but when it arrived it was just in a plastic bag with a slip of paper explaining the toy was new, but the seller bought the toys in bulk from China where they're manufactured. I have toys which are this make to compare with and the quality of this toy makes me think it's a fake. The stitching is imperfect, a piece hanging down is at an angle and there are bits of what appear to be stuffing coming out.
I'm not giving my DS this to play with. I complained to the seller and she has very promptly given me a full refund. However, she says she has sold "hundreds" of these toys. I'm anxious these could be dangerous in some way, so despite her issuing the refund I have complained to ebay that I think this is a fake. Looking through her feedback there is some negative (all saying items were fake), but she does have 98% positive. I was stupid enough not to look at the feedback before buying.
My question is should I leave negative or neutral feedback? She has (very politely) refunded me, but I feel I should warn other buyers not to buy these toys. Or should I not leave any feedback and leave this in the hands of ebay now I have already opened formal channels by complaining to them?

catsofa Fri 28-Nov-14 02:30:47

Your feedback is about your transaction, not about anything else the seller has sold to anyone else.

Sounds like you were not happy and the whole transaction was a waste of your time. Refund is what you were entitled to, it doesn't mean your experience was any less negative - you still wish you hadn't bothered! I think your feedback should be negative and comment on exactly what you found unsatisfactory i.e. the quality of the toy. Then of course this can be seen by other potential buyers who might get some warning if they look at feedback before they buy.

The complaint to ebay is a separate thing, you're quite right to flag it to them and I hope they chase it and nip anything dodgy in the bud.

Lazybones80 Fri 28-Nov-14 03:48:01

Thanks Catsofa. It always seems such a big deal to leave negative feedback, but you're right of course.

Blossomy14 Fri 28-Nov-14 08:14:06

of course you need to neg - and speak to Trading Standards too I reckon.

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