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Buying from China?

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twofingerstoGideon Sat 01-Feb-14 21:24:14

Have just ordered something from ebay (base metal jewellery stuff) for my daughter, totalling £15.50. It was only after paying that I thought about the possibility that I might have to pay tax when it arrives in the UK, which would make it more expensive than buying locally! Does anyone know when the tax kicks in (ie. what value of goods) and how much it might be?

newmorning Sun 02-Feb-14 10:49:51

The chances are you won't have to pay anything because the value of the items is so low and regardless of the rules and regulations, 90% of such imports fly straight through customs without being checked.

The worst that can happen is that the postman knocks on your door and asks you for 20% VAT and 4% import duty.

But, as I say, that's unlikely to happen.

twofingerstoGideon Sun 02-Feb-14 20:58:54

Thanks, newmorning. Last time I ordered some £18 earrings from the US I had to pay £8.50 post office handling charge and 20% VAT!

nauticant Sun 02-Feb-14 23:12:01

The threshold appears to be £15:

twofingerstoGideon Mon 03-Feb-14 11:40:29

Typical! Thanks, Nauticant. Looks like I'll be in for the Post Office's £8.50 handling charge again! Grrr.

Fairyliz Fri 07-Feb-14 21:25:41

Whenever I have bought things from China they always put the value of the item on the customs receipt as less then I have paid so have never had to pay tax. Hope that happens to you

E.g paid £20 value on receipt listed as £10

cerealqueen Sun 09-Feb-14 11:17:18

I have never had a query and have bought quite a few bits and pieces.

RedFocus Thu 20-Feb-14 20:16:19

I have some very expensive items from china and I've never paid any extra. Hope you didn't have to unless of course it's not turned up grin

Mandy2003 Mon 03-Mar-14 15:29:01

I ordered and received a £6.99 item recently, the customs label on it was left blank, unfilled. Luckily it was just put through my letterbox with no questions asked!

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