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First negative feedback

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Cucumberscarecrow Thu 13-Jun-13 18:33:58

I've sold 300+ items and never had any negative feedback. I sold two pairs of Boden shorts in VGC last week. The buyer contacted me after the auction ended and told me to send first class instead of second as per the listing as she was going on hols. I did and took the hit on the postage (even though I'd only sold them for 4 quid in total) as I am so fearful of upsetting buyers. The old cow has only gone and left negative feedback saying shorts were faded and to as described. She didn't contact me first to say she was unhappy. As they were listed separately, it means two negative ratings.

I've emailed and asked if she will retract if I refund but her manner was quite nasty in the post email so I'm not hopeful. Is there anything else I can do?

Feel really pissed off as I have always bent over backwards for buyers to ensure good feedback.

exoticfruits Thu 13-Jun-13 19:04:13

I know that you can only give her positive feedback but I would write a nasty comment . I have never had it, but are you allowed to reply to your feed back?

alemci Thu 13-Jun-13 19:12:03

she sounds horrible. Boden stuff is so expensive so for £4 what does she expect. some people have ridiculous expectations.

do what exotic suggests.

exoticfruits Thu 13-Jun-13 19:16:43

I think that you can reply, unless they have changed it, because I remember one where the seller sounded lovely and the buyer was obviously a loon!

fergoose Thu 13-Jun-13 19:22:27

do not write her a nasty comment on her feedback, against the rules. Just leave a calm follow up to her neg, say you would have gladly refunded if she had contacted you first. Also state items were in excellent condition or suchlike.

BimbaBirba Thu 13-Jun-13 21:04:41

Poor you! That's so nasty. I've on,y ever had one neutral from a nutter who wasn't happy that the top fitted larger than expected and I was furious! I think two totally unfair negatives would put me off EBay altogether.
Have you tried contacting customer services? I may be wrong but I seem to recall that they can do something about it if they wanto.

DrMcDreamysWife Thu 13-Jun-13 21:08:59

What a meanie. To be honest if I were a buyer and went to look at your feedback and saw one bad comment I would ignore it. I would presume it was a one off and probably on the buyers side rather than you.

sarahtigh Thu 13-Jun-13 21:49:04

just add

" if buyer had contacted me first I would have given full refund on return "

DamnDeDoubtance Fri 14-Jun-13 11:08:32

Leave a calm reasonable follow up, it's all you can do. Have a look at the feedback she has left for other sellers, she probably does this all the time.

Then you save her to favourites and wait until SHE has something to sell...grin

BreathingLessons Fri 14-Jun-13 11:11:48

Don't worry, if you've dealt with 300 people and only one left a negative comment saying that a pair of shorts was a bit more faded than she had expected, I wouldn't deduce that I couldn't do business with you.

Gingersnap88 Fri 14-Jun-13 11:13:34

Don't leave a negative comment in a positive spot, it's against the rules and she can have it removed.

Call the customer services. This happened to me. I called them, they read our exchanges and agreed she was being unreasonable as she could have contacted me first.

They removed the neg feedback.

Good luck smile

Cucumberscarecrow Fri 14-Jun-13 20:39:27

Thanks everyone for the moral support and advice flowers.

She has obviously had a change of heart as she replied today to say she would accept a refund and return the items and cancel the negative feedback.

Do I need to refund first or can I wait for safe receipt of the returned items?

fergoose Sat 15-Jun-13 00:51:05

wait for items back first, never refund until they are returned.

Cucumberscarecrow Sat 15-Jun-13 07:30:50

Thank you.

INeedThatForkOff Sun 16-Jun-13 11:04:25

Can she retract it though? I wouldn't bother refunding if the damage is already done.

fergoose Sun 16-Jun-13 13:13:01

yes she can change the feedback if seller sends a request. And if she opens a case she will get a refund so is best to offer it before being forced to do so.

sarahtigh Sun 16-Jun-13 23:57:09

that happened to me someone left bad feedback for me about something that broke in transit I replied politely saying if they had sent photo of breakage they would have been refunded, sent her personal message too, in this case once photo received it was obvious that a return would be silly so I refunded and then requested she change feedback which she did to a rather glowing comment so negative disappeared for ever,

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