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Have you ever claimed from Royal Mail?

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childcarehell Mon 03-Jun-13 22:41:44

I sent an item recorded, long story short it ended up somewhere else entirely.

RM originally wanted the ebay number for a claim, but now they say they want the original purchase receipt. I haven't kept this, it's years old. Has anyone been in this boat?

bigpaws Tue 04-Jun-13 04:41:57

I have claimed for 2 lost RM items before. The items weren't sent recorded - I just had proof of postage.

Their claim forms must have changed as I only provided the eBay listing details - not original receipts. I did print off the full eBay final selling page though, and this was accepted by RM.

Perhaps their policy has changed though?

IUsedtobeMe Tue 04-Jun-13 09:54:11

If it's recorded they will definitely want the original receipt. There is also a time limit on claims.

JamNan Tue 04-Jun-13 21:41:17

Yes, I have. It wasn't eBay related and it took over a month but I got the full amount back. I didn't have a receipt but I did have a delivery that accompanied the item (a disc of hi res photos in a plastic jewel case).

I take it you have proof that they delivered to the wrong address? Persevere and they should refund you.

childcarehell Tue 04-Jun-13 21:46:44

Their tracking recorded the item as delivered from a sorting office that is neither near me or the intended recipient and the signature they provided as proof of delivery is a squiggle with some random letters printed.

I don't have a receipt for it, it was purchased secondhand, I sent them the listing but now they have requested the original receipt.

IUsedtobeMe Wed 05-Jun-13 10:10:59

Sorry, I misunderstood which receipt they wanted.

I run a business so it is slightly different. RM will only refund the amount it cost me to purchase the item and not the amount I sold it for as I sell new items. i.e. they are refunding the value of the item.

In a secondhand item, the value is what somebody wants to pay for it.

We have recently had a claim in for some second hand toys we were selling. As you now cannot buy these, they were worth a lot more than the purchase price to a collector. RM refunded the amount the buyer paid for them, and we didn't have to prove purchase cost.

Print out the invoice from Ebay and send that with a covering letter explaining.

BoysWillGrow Wed 05-Jun-13 15:52:31

yeah i had this too, are you sure they know its an ebay item? its usually just a print out or copy of the sold page or the invoice page, that you send off to RM with the proof of postage receipt.

sarahtigh Thu 06-Jun-13 22:45:11

if the item you sold was new with / without tags they expect receipt a credit card staement bank statement will also do

second hand good of high value like antiques a proper valuation but that would be for items above 1-2K otherwise as stated above a collectable is worth what someone pays so ebay sold page should do

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