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D S R 's refunds and low ratings :(

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SNOWBall4girlz Fri 01-Feb-13 21:24:58

Well I have just checked my DSR 's and I am at risk because my DSR for items as described is at 1.94% and is only allowed to be at 1.00 % and my selling account is at risk.

i know who has left the 1 's and twos as there has only been a couple of feedbacks left since my account was ok.

One was from a leap pad bundle brand new in box that just left a positive with a " good " comment against it. The item was brand new in the original box with three new games so think that a one or two was very unfair but thats their opinion.

The other 2 were left by one buyer who bought two items together that I refunded after she messed me about added her own postage costs and demanded that I post the items asap. This buyer never recieved the items and by right should not be able to comment on the condition like when it is free postage they are not allowed to leave A DSR on certain items.
But there is nothing I can do about this is there?
It should be filtered some way like if an item is not good and the seller refunds the buyer can still leave neg and lows stars.

Footface Fri 01-Feb-13 21:37:58

I think the DSR are really unfair, not sure what eBay expect you have re: stars. I think most people think 5 stars us excellent, 1 star bad and 3 satisfactory, so if a buyer gives you 3 they don't necessarily really the effect it can have

I know that doesn't help.

eBay is very unfair at times

80sbabe Fri 01-Feb-13 23:26:16

Has your second buyer, left feedback as well?
I am assuming that you did a mutual cancellation when you refunded and the buyer agreed ?
If the buyer was requesting a different postage option to what you offered and so changing the terms and conditions of sale then that is against Ebay regulations.
Have you got any communication between you in Ebay messages ?
I think in your position I would be speaking to Ebay Customer Services - the ones in Ireland who on the whole tend to be more understanding and sensible.
If you get the phone number via the contact Ebay tab and choose "technical issues" rather than anything else then nine times out of ten you get the Dublin call centre.

They can remove DSRs left if they are malicious, despite them claiming they can't. I had an issue this week with a foreign buyer who left me a 1 for dispatch when the item was sent tracked the day they ordered it but it took a week for delivery. I complained and within 15 minutes it was gone from my account.

I do agree though that the DSR system is inherently flawed and not really an accurate reflection of a seller's performance. My account currently shows only 1 neg and 1 neutral yet has 6 1 or 2 stars for "item as described". I'd love to know why these buyers felt that way because they haven't contacted me or left feedback to explain their displeasure.

sarahtigh Sat 02-Feb-13 20:53:45

it is weird because in past 12 months i have had 3 negatives out of over a 1000 but only one 1/2 stars !!!!!!!!

80sbabe Sun 03-Feb-13 00:12:13

I do agree that the whole system is weird - my own view is that when buyers leave 1 or 2 for a star they should have to back it up with an explanation.
This could be passed on anonymously (well we all know DSR's are not that, but in Ebay's eyes they are) because it would give the sellers an opportunity to address any perceived issues.

If sellers don't know why a buyer has left such a low score how can they be expected to rectify the problem?
The Ebay help forums are full of bemused sellers with restricted accounts due to DSRs and no clue where they have gone wrong.

I also think that many buyers don't realise the effect these scores have for sellers. There are many buyers who confuse dispatch with delivery - when the two are quite different.

In theory it is quite a good idea to assist buyers in determining good sellers from bad, but in practice it needs quite a bit of tweaking.

SNOWBall4girlz Sun 03-Feb-13 13:49:15

thank you for the replies. I agree the system is flawed I have messaged ebay through the report a seller system under "other ".

The other buyer for the leapapd left positive with a one word * good *.
The buyer i refunded when I should have asked to cancel but pretty sure they would not have cancelled.

SNOWBall4girlz Tue 05-Feb-13 11:52:44

Ebay was not alot of help really they suggested trying to contact the buyer which I did and explained that I did not want revised feedback ...I deserved the negative as I did not fulfill my side despite her changing one item to free postage
i just wanted her to revise the 1 or 2 for item description to a 3 items that she could not physically review as she never got them ........
but she replied that I obviously wanted more money for the items and that why I have not posted them instead I refunded her and basically tough luck about your account ....go and open another ???

i still have not found the items in question think they either got put in the bag 4 clothes 4 cash or the black bag that went to the tip gutted.

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