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eBay log in problems, please help!

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happyreindeer Fri 21-Dec-12 19:48:28

Hi there, I was wondering if any of you have any ideas on why I can't log in to my eBay account even though both my username and password are correct. I have been an eBay member member for years and in that time I have never changed my account details.

Hope I haven't been hacked!

AnonymousBird Fri 21-Dec-12 20:00:06

Can you try a different browser? I used to find that Ebay did funny things to me when I used it on Safari - trying to Sell items I was just sent in loops round and round via my user name/password endlessly. I now use Firefox when I am selling on ebay, generally without a hitch.

I can recall other threads on here saying that cookies and all that jazz cause problems with ebay too. Clear the cache bla bla. You can tell I have absolutely no idea what that means, but I do think it is a genuine issue with ebay. Someone who knows more about that may be a long in a minute.....

Good luck.

fergoose Fri 21-Dec-12 20:08:39

clear your cookies then try again

happyreindeer Fri 21-Dec-12 20:25:12

Tried both of those options, neither worked sadly, thanks though.

Havingkitties Fri 21-Dec-12 20:53:04

I get this happen to me randomly. Then after an hour or so it rights itself and I can just log in as normal. I just put it down to eBay being naughty.

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