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Giving up on Ebay as a seller :(

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OhSoVintage Tue 23-Oct-12 10:02:25

I feel really upset and cheated.

Ive had a buyer screw me over once before and after not selling for a while I gradually got my confidence back and slowly started selling again.

This time I put a bundle on of items and although the buyer bid last minute she took over a week to pay.
I send out a friendly message straight after the auction to let her know it would be posted that afternoon if payment was received by 5pm which went ignored a couple of days latter I sent a nice message to tell her it was all packaged up ready which also went ignored.
Now by this time I could see there was activity on her account so I knew that she had received my messages and was getting ready to use a second chance offer to the bidder down the list.
Then on day 7 just as I was thinking about doing this she paid! It was at 6pm so I messaged her to say it would be sent first thing the next morning .... Nothing from her. Then I sent one to say it had been posted again nothing.

Then 5 days later I get a pay-pal dispute item has not arrived. No prior communications from the buyer just a dispute.

I was most upset about this and have been down to the post office. I lost the receipt which is most unfortunate as every parcel I have sent i have a receipt for apart from that one! typical!!
It was recorded delivery so they will investigate but not until 14 days after the posted date. And If it is lost I cant claim as I've lost the receipt.

I sent emails on the dispute page apologising and explaining my steps and again after 4 messages I heard nothing from her. I sent an initial one, one to send postage details, another to ask her politely to check at the sorting office and the last one to explain what the post office had explained to me.

Now I feel screwed as the postoffice have told me to wait 14 days before they will investigate but she only sent the dispute out 4 days after the item was posted. The dispute needs to be resolved with a refund by the 30th so basically I have to except i've lost that money and move on.

I would feel comfortable with this if I have contact with the buyer and felt it was genuine but as I have not had so much of an ignolagment from the buyer and she took so long to pay. I really cant help feeling I'm being screwed.

Its effectively stealing and Im being penalised for it but I don't have a leg to stand on and its making me mad!

I was only selling recently as I was in desperate need of money to fund my two dds birthdays and the items I sold as part of this bundle where toys that my dd didn't really want to get rid of but she hasn't played with for a while and it was that or have no new ones.
Unfortunately Ive already spent the money on new ones so the money paypal take back off me will just eat into our overdraft even more!!!

So thats it Ive had it with selling on Ebay after 10 years of being a loyal buyer and seller. I just don't have the stomach for this type of thing any more sad

Once is unfortunate but twice is too much for me.

fergoose Tue 23-Oct-12 10:55:20

trouble is you don't know if she is lying - if you had proof of postage you could have claimed

You should have sent with a signature - it is actually part of the paypal agreement that you will send an item out with online proof of delivery - thus protecting yourself if buyers pretend not to receive. Trouble is, she could be scamming you, or she could be honest. But after 4 days of non payment you should have opened a non payment case and then relisted I reckon.

don't let one buyer ruin eBay for you is my advice, but also send items courier/recorded etc so you are protected as a seller in future.

OhSoVintage Tue 23-Oct-12 11:04:02

Well I think if I had had a reply of some kind after nearly two weeks and all my messages I may feel differently but its actually quite rude just to not reply.

I should have just relisted the item. I had a funny feeling something wasn't right before she had even paid. Im sure I did send it recorded, it was recorded or parcel force but i cant remember which which is pointless without a receipt sad

Just wish i could find this blinking receipt

Havingkitties Tue 23-Oct-12 11:06:34

OP, did you say you had sent it recorded? Did you by any chance make a note of the tracking number even though you lost the receipt?
If so plug the number into the Royal Mail website and double check you're not being scammed.
I'm not sure how much you've told the buyer (if you haven't already, don't tell them you've lost the receipt, as it sounds like they will take a advantage of this), but you can always tell them Royal Mail investigates and will have a record if anything was signed for at their address. This may give them the willies if they have been telling porkies.

Have another look for the receipt, they always tend to turn up (in the place you thought you'd checked though!)

OhSoVintage Tue 23-Oct-12 11:53:06

I did already tell her I can find it, Looking back that wasn't very good but I wanted to keep communication to try and get a response. If she is scamming maybe knowing the effort I'm going through will appeal to her conscious. However I think not but my nieve self was convincing me off it!

I know I wouldn't have thrown it away! On the upside my house if going through a good sort out looking for this receipt!!

OhSoVintage Tue 23-Oct-12 11:53:46

I can't find it sorry!! not can!!

griphook Wed 24-Oct-12 20:35:21

That's shit. Hopefully karma will come back and bit her on her arse

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