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EMailing Buyers

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MrsZoidberg Fri 21-Sep-12 13:13:36

I have just received an email from a seller that I purchased from last month. It's not via Ebay but direct to my email account. I get other sales emails from a couple of other sellers I purchased from ages ago.

Now I personally don't mind, but what are the rules/etiquette regarding this? Is it against EBay rules?

I'm asking with my Seller hat on, I always download my ebay and paypal records for the previous month so I can keep an eye on fees etc. I've noticed that this is in a nice, easy to manipulate Excel file, and conveniently has my buyer's email addresses listed. I'm a dab hand at mailmerge, so all easypeasy.

Is there any reason I cannot send emails out on a regular basis i.e. when I get new stock in, to everyone who has ever bought from me? (Obviously I will have an unsubscribe option), and if you're a buyer, would this annoy you?


lljkk Fri 21-Sep-12 13:35:36

It would annoy the Heck out of me (sorry).

It wouldn't annoy me as such, but if I was getting emails directly from an ebay seller I had bought off but not via ebay I would probably be hmm and wonder how you got my personal email address (thick emoticon)
To be honest, I would probably unsubscribe after a couple of emails, unless it was genuinely items I would be interested in buying, sorry.

fergoose Fri 21-Sep-12 14:53:40

I must admit it annoys me if I get marketing mails from sellers after purchase and I find it very obtrusive.

There is more info here

80sbabe Fri 21-Sep-12 15:23:59

I only ever send marketing emails to the buyers who have actively subscribed to my shop and requested that they receive information on new stock, sales etc..

Out of the thousands I've sold to over the years though I only have about 30 who have asked to be sent info - to me that says the majority of people don't want marketing emails.

I'd never send unsolicited mail, it irritates me when I get it and I don't deal again with sellers who do it.

MrsZoidberg Fri 21-Sep-12 16:26:32

Thank you everyone.

It always pays to look for advertising opportunities but as you have all said it would annoy you, I won't do it grin

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