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What is the best time to start listing Playmobil on ebay for xmas?

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Wiifitmama Tue 30-Aug-11 15:54:57

I have lots - particularly pirate and knight themed which seems to be popular - and think it will sell well for xmas. Do I list now, or wait a bit?

Wiifitmama Tue 30-Aug-11 17:42:52


fergoose Tue 30-Aug-11 17:59:35

I would wait a bit, let people get back to school and into routines again. I would probably wait until October, but it is up to you.

ragged Tue 30-Aug-11 18:10:03

Not now, Ebay is still slow this time of year.

ime, I would say list them between 0-10 November, to finish around 10-20 November. You will get better prices because people will be more desperate & more people will be looking. Then post them as fast as they get paid up (get receipt of posting). Last year the postal delays were horrendous (remember all the snow?) & I had stuff that took up to 5 weeks to get delievered, so I wouldn't want to post later than 30 Nov if it can be helped.

Wiifitmama Tue 30-Aug-11 18:36:35

Great thanks. I will wait.

chocolateyclur Tue 30-Aug-11 18:41:03

When you do, can you pm me please? Unless you have an idea of prices you'd like to reach already? I have a son who is just getting into playmobil (knights especially)

PfftTheMagicDraco Tue 30-Aug-11 18:54:53

oooh what have you got <grabby>

Wiifitmama Wed 31-Aug-11 07:59:10

Gosh! I havnt even sorted it yet! I have two large pirate ships on wheels, a huge box of all knight related playmobil that I have to sort out to see what's in it. A castle thing that is hinged. Also beach surfer set, circus set, natives in a jungle with dinosaur bones set. You can tell I know my playmobil names can't you!!

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