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Buyer left nasty feedback as retaliation-what can I do?

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Ihatebeingfrugal Sat 28-May-11 22:05:21

Basically I listed a child's dress incorrectly.I had copied across from another listing -changed most of it except that little box that says BNWT.

Main heading did not say BNWT and main description said "ex condition just outgrown".

Sold dress for £2.99 and postage without realising this mistake.

Buyer messaged me saying dress was "stunning" but not BNWT (very shouty message-lots of CAPITALS) saying it had been bought as a present.

I messaged her back - very apologetic and offering a full refund if she sent it back.

2nd message was all -it's a lovely dress -may keep it for family- etc then asked for £2.50 refund to keep it (item was £2.99!).

Messaged her back and said just send it back. I then checked her feedback and guess what ! She has a shop that sells this particular brand of clothing - so basically wants item for 49p so that she can make a bigger profit!

She returned the item and I gave full refund and original postage. Another message saying she NEEDS return postage ASAP. She ahd never mentioned this and I reluctantly did this just to get rid of her. (I also checked her shop - and she has statement that says she never gives return postage !!!)

She has now left neutral feedback saying NOT NEW item
(I know- it was a mistake which I apologised for!- but if she had read the full listing - instead of thinking she was scamming me and getting a BNWT approx £25 item for £2.99 -she could have queried why the listing appeared contradictory)

and although she got return postage she had to ask for it! (She never asked -she DEMANDED!) and basically says avoid me!

Want to fire off snotty message to her saying you have only done this because I wouldn't give into you - but what can I do?
Can I answer feedback or is this just opening a can of worms?

More of a WWYD? (I have 450+ positive feedback and I am angry

TragicallyHip Sat 28-May-11 22:19:11

Hmm might have to take this one on the chin. Make a comment under her feedback explaining the mistake. When other buyers read the neutral feedback they will surely not let this influence bidding on one of your items.

Sucks I understand!

fergoose Sun 29-May-11 10:28:58

Take a deep breath and leave very calm, polite follow up the their feedback. Don't name call or lower yourself to any nastiness. Many sellers have the odd neg or neut - their response to it speaks volumes.

I left a neg for a seller about damaged item which they refused to resolve or admit their packaging was useless. They replied to it calling me a con artist and a liar - I think their response shows them as a childish bully (which they were in their emails).

Try not to take their feedback personally, difficult I know as it is hurtful especially when it is untrue, but it is only a dot on a website. Sadly some people on ebay are just nasty bullies who are never wrong or unreasonable, and they hide behind their screens.

Jemma1111 Sun 29-May-11 10:39:04

As others have said just explain what happened politely underneath her feedback, or you could be vengeful and get someone to buy from her and leave her unfair feedback grin

52Girls Sun 29-May-11 10:53:00

I would say: I made a genuine list error. Full refund Inc. p&p given.

Ihatebeingfrugal Sun 29-May-11 16:30:23

Thanks for your replies. I KNOW I shouldn't take it personally but it galls me that even if I had given in to every demand she would still have done this!

Have left polite response underneath -
Genuine mistake.Full refund & 2P+P given.Can't do more

SoupDragon Sun 29-May-11 16:36:05

I'm not entirely sure I understand the problem. You stuffed up. She left you honest neutral feedback, not negative. I don't understand why you didn't refund her the return postage as a matter of course TBH - when I've stuffed up a listing I paid the return postage as it was my mistake. Why should the buyer be at all out of pocket for your mistake?

Ihatebeingfrugal Sun 29-May-11 17:28:02

I have offered the return postage as a matter of course - it was only when she started the "well if you part(!) refund me £2.50 on a £2.99 item then I will decide to keep it " and I said no- just send it back -that she became aggressive in every message. She did get every penny back when item was received and I apologised constantly in every message-what more could I do?

I have bought things in the past and they haven't been as described/more worn etc, and as long as I got my money back, I have never left neutral/neg because I understand people don't always check listings/items thoroughly and mistakes happen.
I always felt a bit mean commenting when someone has made a genuine mistake, so didn't do it blush

I WILL stop taking it personally grin

cupnoodle Thu 09-Jun-11 13:51:38

Message withdrawn

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