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Overeaters anonymous

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Holdingtherope Sun 14-Jul-19 17:09:04


Does anyone struggle with overeating, I mean like really overeating. I joined a slimming club at 16 and that kick started decades of starving and binging. I just can’t do diets. I have had input from eating disorders service but the plan they suggested to me, I struggled to do. Having cereal in the morning just led me to craving sugar all day!

Has anyone attended Overeaters anonymous? Did it help, work.

If I overeat, I overeat like 3000 calories and I am no way downplaying this. I know it’s a serious issue.

Holdingtherope Sun 14-Jul-19 18:11:08

I anyone?!

Mumof1andacat Sun 14-Jul-19 18:32:00

I can be a little bit like this. Not really over weight but a size 14 and 2 stone heavier than I was 4 years a go. I snack too much which can lead to over eating/snacking and then meals on top.

Buttons4me Sun 14-Jul-19 18:41:53

I understand and sometimes feel I could so easily forget to stop eating. I am doing sw and I've lost 4 and a half stone but I love biscuits and I love cake. I love lovely cupcakes and I love baking but I can't make a cake as I end up eating the majority of it. Some days I'm weak and have more than I should i have many cuppas through out the day and could so easily go through packets of biscuits but I've done so well and I keep reminding myself i won't quit.

Holdingtherope Sun 14-Jul-19 20:17:46

I just keep going round in diet merry go round and it’s not the answer.

I know AA works for so many people so surely OA must be worth a shot.

Just terrified of going alone!

Aardvarkitsabloodyaardvark Sat 27-Jul-19 09:53:43

Hi. I'm exactly the same. I am due to see the eating disorder clinic in a few weeks with suspected binge eating disorder. I'm reading Brain over Binge at the moment, it may be helpful for you.

ValancyRedfern Sat 27-Jul-19 18:51:36

I went to OA for several years. I both loved it and hated it. For finding a group of people who understand what you're life is like and have also raided bins for food at 3am it is a lifesaver. I found going to weekly meeting really grounded me. I had also had years of specific therapy before this though which put in the early ground work. I would definitely recommend it over any slimming club who want you to keep putting the weight back on so you keep coming back. I went for several years and it definitely made a massive change to my eating. I still binge eat sometimes but much more occasionally and I've been a size 10 for 10 years (not that this is the be all and end all).

I do however think all 12 step groups are cult-like and they will tell you that you will get worse and fall apart if you ever stop going and stop 'working' the steps. This is nonsense. They are very much based on Christianity (with 'higher power' as I understand it' substituted for God) which isn't necessarily a problem but there is a quote read at meetings 'nothing happens in God's world by mistake' which always gave me the absolute rage. I always wanted to get up and scream 'tell that to the kids starving in Syria!' but maybe that's just me! There is a good saying though 'take what you like and leave the rest', which I think is the way to approach a 12 step programme.

ValancyRedfern Sat 27-Jul-19 18:56:27

On a completely different note I've found upping fat and protein helped me to reduce my sugar intake and reduce bingeing. If I had cereal for breakfast I would binge all day. No doubt about it. nowadays I tend to have a three egomelette with lots of cheese and that keeps the cravings at bay. Binge eating is so complex because the physical and mental elements overlap so much.

DumbleDork Wed 28-Aug-19 22:43:24

Whilst I haven’t been to overeaters anonymous I really feel this post could be about me.

I’ve gained 7 stone in 15 years which in the grand scheme of things isn’t a lot each year. But with each stone I gain the more I loathe myself but also care less about myself and therefore eat more, both in secret and in general.

I really hope you find the help you need OP xx

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