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Finding a counsellor

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InMyLivingRoom Sun 07-Jul-19 13:11:21

I've recently been really struggling to cope with my whole bloody life. I ended up having 10 days off work (been back for 6 weeks now), and accessed some phone counselling through work, which has been really helpful, I think. They were happy to recommend more counselling, but would have needed to write a report to work to recommend this. I don't want that, just don't, but I would like more counselling. The counsellor (B) recommended the counselling directory to find a counsellor, but when I look there, it's all a bit daunting.

The problems I'm having currently are pretty constant anxiety, anxiety attacks, major toddler tantrum meltdowns (about every 5-7 days) because I'm just so overwhelmed and frustrated. The reason I've posted in this group though is that I overeat every day - I think to soothe myself and cope (like I'll have a 1000-2000 calorie junk-food binge on the way home/whenever I'm alone). I've been doing this for about 10-12 years (since my youngest was a baby), increasingly worse, with fewer days/breaks in the pattern. I'm about 6 stone overweight. I can't do the things I'd like to do that would give me comfort in other ways (believe it or not I was quite sporty - can't fit into the equipment for one sport, can't bear to be seen in a swimming costume any more, and suffering feet/knee pains stopping me from running and hillwalking).

I hate my job and want to get back to what I used to do pre-last baby but this is not an easy thing to do, not many opportunities and my confidence/experience is clearly poor after a 15 years gap (I'm 50, so I'd done it for 15 years before that, all the relevant qualifications but out of date). There is one route for this that I'm hoping for, but I have to sit and wait to hear if that is possible, which is frustrating. Meantime my job is full-on and the team I work in breaks me daily.

I just feel like my spirit is broken. Thankfully my dh has turned out to be a rock, but it's really hard for him to cope with my rollercoaster moods, and my kids (young teenage) seem quite bemused and it's affecting them too.

So, the point of this post. How can I find a counsellor to help me mainly with the eating problem? I know it is caused by/affects everything else going on in my stupid bloody head that won't stop going on and on, but how do I find someone that knows what they're doing and will 'get me'?

In my area you can self-refer for MH counselling... should I do that and see how it works out? I think it's slow, but...

And what more can I do to self-help? I've looked at BEAT for resources, but there's not really much (be kind to yourself) for emotional over-eating (or am I a binge-eater?). I've read loads over the years and although some of it resonates, none of helps me.

I live somewhere really rural and already struggle to cope with all the driving around I do, so I would really prefer phone help - it suits my secrecy about it too - found it easier to talk to B over the phone because she didn't know or see me or my life, if that makes sense.

Thanks for any help.

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