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Not sure what path to take

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kt1360 Mon 11-Feb-19 16:54:46

I'm writing on here for some advice and opinions really.
Has anyone been through insemination? If so did you choose to have this via a clinic or home insemination? If you did home insemination where did you get the donor sperm from?
I'm so confused and don't know which path to take really my heads saying home insemination then I'm not limited to the amount of times I try but then something in the back of my mind is saying a clinic for health reasons!
Any advise anyone may have will be hugely appreciated!!
I am doing this as a single parent as well.

niclw Wed 13-Feb-19 10:59:35

Hi @kt1360. I did iui with a clinic and am now a happily single mum to a four and a half month old. I took a long time over my decision over what to do. I was trying to decided between adoption and ivf as everywhere online suggested that insemination would be unsuccessful at my age (37 when I first started looking). I decided that I wanted to have my own pregnancy/baby if I could so booked an appt at the clinic round the corner to get the initial tests done and assess my options. It turned out that I was very lucky and could try with iui rather than ivf so cutting the costs considerably. My advice to you and anyone is to get those initial tests and recommendations from professionals to check that pregnancy is possible. My friend of the same age was told that it was unlikely she would conceive with her own eggs so although she tried ivf meds once and they didn't work for her she hadn't wasted the money and now has other options. I did medicated iui to increase my chances. On attempt 1, I had 1 follicle but no resulting pregnancy. Attempt two: meds were too effective and I had so many follicles that the clinic advised against the insemination due to chances of multiples pregnancy. Attempt 3 was a success. The other advantages of using a clinic included implications counselling which helped me to understand the legal side of using a sperm donor and where to get further advice. Also, the scans to check whether I was ready for iui meant it was timed well and once pregnant they did a scan at 7 weeks (included in price of iui) to check for ectopic pregnancy and multiples so making sure no damage could occur from ectopic. Good luck and if you have any questions just ask x

kt1360 Wed 13-Feb-19 13:10:42

Thanks so much for your advice! I've been told by so many not to try IUI as it's success rate is low, but then hearing of people being successful is 're reassuring as I don't really want to do home insemination as that worries me alot.
What clinic did you use if you don't mind me asking?
And also how did you fund it was it just through savings as this is also a worry for me using all my savings and then being unsuccessful I feel like I'm going from a positive to a negative constantly as you'll understand it is emotionally draining especially doing it alone. X

niclw Sun 17-Feb-19 13:42:59

Sorry for the slow response. Medicated iui has a slightly high success rate but iui overall has a higher success rate that conceiving the usual way so I kept that in mind. The thing with iui is that it's less invasive as well. I used Bourn hall clinic. There are five of them I think in east anglia.

I funded it myself by paying for the meds out of my usual wages but saved up for the treatment and tests. I went ahead when I had enough money for one cycle. As my second cycle was cancelled I didn't need to pay for it and my third cycle went on my credit card. It was about £900 per cycle (I can't remember exactly). I then paid it off in the first three months of my pregnancy as I was able to afford to do it that way. If I'd needed another cycle I would have waited and saved up again.

I completely understand about it being emotionally draining doing it alone. I didn't tell anyone I was doing it and then I told my parents and they reacted very badly. In hindsight I wish I'd spoken to my closest friends and my parents so I'd had some support but my head was saying that I didn't want them to know in case it I was unsuccessful. It also turns out that my parents was more upset that I hadn't discussed it with them first. They are 100% head over heels in love with my baby boy though and my mum asked me if I'd do like again so she can have another grandchild. I have said no but only because of childcare costs not for any other reason. If I win the lottery then definitely x

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