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Anyone had a baby with donor eggs then got pregnant naturally?

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Lauren83 Fri 26-Oct-18 16:16:32

Just wondering if this has happened to anyone? Especially anyone who's children are older and know how they were both conceived? I had a baby from donor eggs in January and have just found out I'm pregnant naturally, in total shock as it took 9 years and 5 IVF cycles to get DS and I have one tube an AMH of 2 so was diagnosed with POF in 2013

Boo2you Sat 10-Nov-18 15:21:46

Have a look at the post entitled 'Knowing DE is the right route for you' one of the posts in that thread is a lady who had a DS by DE and now is pregnant naturally !

Lauren83 Sat 10-Nov-18 16:31:33

Thankyou, I posted on there so it might be me.

Boo2you Sat 10-Nov-18 17:11:38

Oh yeah just realised sorry!

OneMoreWish Wed 20-Mar-19 20:37:05

This happened to a friend of a friend and a friend we both know.

Let's say friend of a friend is person A and other lady it happened to is person B.

Person B used egg donor and planned on using same egg donor for sibling. Our joint friend told us about person A and how she had had planned two by egg donor and then got pregnant naturally. ( person A was trying to think impact on first child as she was going to always explain how she couldn't have children so that's why egg donor and how special child was but realised that would then be confusing since she now naturally has gigven birth)

Anyone a few months down the line person B got pregnant naturally a
Month before meant to start using egg donor.

So perhaps in my small circle of friends is a coincidence but it does happen. ( my other friend also had to use ivf after trying for ten years and having pcos and low sperm issues and then got pregnant a year after first child-maybe it is my circle
If friends?)

Congratulations by the way xxxxxxx

Tipsylizard Fri 12-Apr-19 16:41:01

Congratulations! As they say it only takes one good

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