Can I breastfeed (pills to make me produce?)

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Slushputty Mon 09-Jul-18 00:00:49

My GF is having a baby in the next few years ( well thats the plan!) She doesn't know if she wants to breast feed but I would love to.
Would the GP prescribe me medication to bring on my supply? Or is there a way to do this?

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Slushputty Mon 09-Jul-18 00:19:50

I've googled but it's coming up with a lot of American info and not much UK

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Loandbeholdagain Mon 09-Jul-18 00:32:56

Assuming you are and were born a woman...

You can get medication. I’ve heard anecdotally of it being possible but very unlikely you’d be able to exclusively breastfeed (just from you). It would be more from a bonding point of view, with a bit of milk if you are quite committed to it.

It might be you need to get a private prescription. You would also need to use a breast pump for some time (months) before hand to help stimulate supply.

I think it’s a lovely thing to do though. Ask la leche for more support.

Slushputty Mon 09-Jul-18 10:15:06

Yes I am a woman.

I've had 2 children myself and breastfed them for a few weeks.
I understand I won't be able to feed exclusively but it would be nice to be able to do so.

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