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donating embryos

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Parietal Tue 04-Apr-17 21:32:41

I've seen lots of threads here on donated sperm / eggs, but how often do people need donated embryos? DH and I have 6 embryos left over from one IVF cycle (and 2 DDs from 2 transfers). How valuable are these to other couples?

Also, how much information would the recipients get about us? I know the child (if there is one) can contact us at 18, but what else happens before then?

talulahbelle Thu 06-Apr-17 10:48:11

No real advice / knowledge but I know there is a demand for donor embryos, one of my friends is currently pregnant with two much longed for twins from them. So valuable in the sense of being wanted, very much so.
I think information given would depend on the clinic/you, and the recipients.

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