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Is anyone else trying home insemination?

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EmbarrassedQuestion Fri 06-May-16 20:30:09

... Because we're trying using a small syringe and cup, and no matter how hard I try (slow, tapping the sides etc), I always seem to end up with teeny tiny bubbles in the syringe.

I haven't died yet (obviously) but am terrified of accidentally giving myself an aneurism or whatever, and am wondering how others stop it happening?!

(Also don't know if this is the right topic or if it should be in conception?)

RNBrie Fri 06-May-16 20:35:38

You're not going to give yourself an aneurysm!! you'd need to be injecting air into your blood stream for that, not shooting sperm up your fanjo!

My dd2 was conceived by home insemination. The best website for advice how to do it properly is the Pride Angel one... We used a calpol syringe and a clean dry beaker, no fancy kit whatsoever!

EmbarrassedQuestion Mon 06-Jun-16 18:36:01

... Sorry for the longest delay in replying to a message EVER! And thank you for replying.

I get hyper-worried about weird things sometimes and read someone online saying you must never get any air bubbles up there, even small ones.

But hopefully you'd get some oxygen in and out everyday anyway - I mean periods happen that way right?

Congrats (belatedly!) on your dd2. Fingers crossed we have the same luck.

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