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Hubby’s gone and I’m devastated

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Mummymacd Sun 30-Aug-20 21:58:18

So, I posted before about hubby deciding he didn’t want to work on the marriage. He found a house and has now gone except he needs to come back and get the rest of his stuff. It seems to me he has buggered up north this weekend To visit family without a care in the world and I’m at home with the kids absolutely devastated by him leaving. Part of me had hoped he would change his mind and stay.......

Not sure how I move forwards. I try so hard to keep everything together so the kids don’t see me cry but I’m so sad about it all.......

I have been making plans to change my bedroom to make it mine more than ours but how I’m lacking the motivation to do anything.


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Notapheasantplucker Sun 30-Aug-20 22:00:39

Sorry you're going through this OP, it sounds really toughflowers

Firstly, why don't you pack up all of his shit and put it in bags near the door or in the garage or something?

LollyBeebee123 Sun 30-Aug-20 23:30:28

Don’t let him devastate you! Get that room sorted your style, change the locks and don’t look back.
If he’s decided it’s over, then there’s most likely no way back. Don’t beg him. Let him think you don’t care. You’ll be ok. 💕I’m planning to end my marriage. I’m not happy, neither is he. It’s wise to remember we only live once. Good luck!💕

Enough4me Sun 30-Aug-20 23:40:07

Can you set-up shared care in the future?
You need to have some time to be you as well as a parent, time to do the things that being with him stopped you from doing.

Plus get on with changing your house around. Move things about, change photos/pictures, do things that make it yours. I bought a set of cheap canvasses from Amazon after my split to cover the gaps from wedding and family photos. They brightened the place up while I was finding new pictures. Also, plan for fun things with your DC and friends so you have things to look forward to, e.g. picnics, walks, watch a new film.

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