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How do I get over my son's father?

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A1S2H3 Wed 29-Apr-20 22:30:28

Me and my son's father were together 4+ years (I'm only 22 so we got together when we were quite young and he's the only relationship I've ever had). He broke up with me a couple months ago. I was so so heartbroken.

It was my sons birthday a couple weeks ago and he slept over for the night. We ended up having sex (he initiated it). Since then we've kind of been 'friends with benefits', he's been over quite a few times and we've had sex.

The thing is,is we don't just have sex. He cuddles me, kisses me, laughs with me, tickles me etc. He's cute and intimate. He said he's still very attracted to me. A few days ago I told him we'd have to stop having sex at some point, as I still want to get married and have more children etc. I said of course it's shit It's not with you but..

I asked if it bothered him, the thought of me marrying somebody else. He said 'it does a little bit tbh. It didn't when we first broke up, but it does since we've been doing this'.. what does that mean?

I've said to him that If we get back together in the future and if happens naturally, that's ok. He seemed in agreement with that.

Of course I still love him. And the thought of him being with somebody else absolutely kills me, it makes me feel sick. I do still want him back, but I'm not telling him that. Should I keep doing what we're doing, in hopes he'll want me back?

Do you think there's a chance he does want me back a little? I think about him none stop.

Any advice is appreciated smile

Thank you x

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Ginger1982 Wed 29-Apr-20 22:45:42

"Should I keep doing what we're doing, in hopes he'll want me back?"

Nope. Why did he breakup with you? He is dangling you on a string. Shagging you because he knows you are willing, available and vulnerable. No commitment required from him. You need to make your boundaries clear now. Friends and co-parents but not lovers.

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