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help - need advice for divorce in Utah

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DionneDavis Mon 29-Jul-19 11:09:43

Hi! I live in a Salt Lake City, me and my husband going through a divorce. We already visited a family therapist for a month and both came to agreement that our marriage won't work because of our different interests, so divorce decision was mutual. We have a 5 y.o. child, so i was thinking about two things:
1)what types of documents are required for divorce, i've already browsed web but couldn't find any related articles or concrete answer 2) should i talk with my kid about divorce process, he will find out eventually, but i don't think he is in age now where he can understand. I'm really afraid that he going to start blaming himself, so i can't find the right words to do that
Any advice is appreciated, i would be thankful for any help!

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Hoppinggreen Mon 29-Jul-19 11:10:55

This is a predominantly British site so I’m sorry but it’s pretty unlikely anyone here can help you

DionneDavis Tue 30-Jul-19 07:55:18

I was able to manage divorce documents issue bymyself, i think i'm gonna use help from a local divorce service and will try to file for divorce in Utah by myself. The average cost of divorce in my state is around 14000$, that's why i trying to aviod lawyers and attorneys. My second questions is still open yet - how to speak with a child about divorce process? I don't know how to pick the right timing, i know it's gonna be a shock to him. I know i must to say that those are adult decisions which he didn’t cause and can’t influence, but should i talk with him about the reasons for divorce? heeeelp

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IsItBetter Tue 30-Jul-19 08:05:23


llangennith Tue 30-Jul-19 09:01:22

My second questions is still open yet - how to speak with a child about divorce process?

You don't.

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