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No solicitor

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stucknoue Mon 13-May-19 07:36:20

Has anyone here completed a divorce with no solicitors on either side? No kids under 18, he's a high earner financials agreed etc pension split agreed. The way I look at it it's dissolving a contract and I've done paperwork for them before for work and dealt with probate and the court of protection without a solicitor. I just don't see what I would actually be paying for? Or if we complete everything, can you just pay for an hour to get someone to check it over? We may wait for the law change if it's going to make it easier

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ScreamScreamIceCream Mon 13-May-19 07:41:09

Get a consent order sorted out using a solicitor so you cannot claim off each other after the divorce say if one of you won the lottery or started up a multi-million pound business.

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