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DH chatting to other woman on shapchat

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Pinkroses1 Sun 03-Feb-19 23:47:19

Caught a name pop up on DH’s phone and he wouldn’t show me who it was but I can only guess..
We’ve only been married 2 years and he’s done something like this before. We decided to give it another ago and I really did trust him again.. I don’t know why??
I’m currently 33 weeks pregnant too!
I’m trying not to stress too much because I know it’s not good for baby.
I really want to leave but it’s so awkward now because it’s not just my stuff I have to pack and I will have to go to my mums because we currently live with his parents :/
I don’t want to stay just because it will be easier but when do I leave??

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C0untDucku1a Sun 03-Feb-19 23:48:46

It will be easiest for you to leave now, than it will after the baby is here.

kindlyplay Sun 03-Feb-19 23:50:36

Ok you don't actually know who or what the message was but you want to leave? You say he has done something like it before, but if that means he has been on snapchat it doesn't really tell you much?

Massive overreaction or massive drop feed coming?

Pinkroses1 Sun 03-Feb-19 23:53:19

He’s slowly admitting to it and telling me He don’t deserve me etc I know he just can’t admit it properly but he wants me to leave too confused

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HollowTalk Mon 04-Feb-19 00:13:32

Ohhh I'm so sorry. What an absolute idiot this man is. He's right. He doesn't deserve you. Can you take your things to your mum's tomorrow?

HollowTalk Mon 04-Feb-19 00:14:09

You trusted him because you are lovely and he is a liar.

NotBeingRobbed Tue 05-Feb-19 10:59:26

Easier to leave now than 10 years down the line. I’m sorry it’s like this.

AK91CH Tue 05-Feb-19 11:15:51

Yes he is right he doesn't deserve you at all. Leave! Things will not change or get better he will do this again as he has already proven to you since there was a time before. You and your baby will be just fine living at your Mums 😊 ive done it with my daughter... and now 7 years on I am happily married to a man who thinks the world of me and my daughter and we now also have a son of our own together... there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Please don't let a man disrespect you your worth so so much more x

Pinkroses1 Tue 05-Feb-19 11:54:37

Thank you everyone for all the support.
I honestly don’t know how I’m going to get over this but I think it will take time.
I also found out something even worse which I posted on another thread. It’s shocking.
I’m definitely leaving this disgusting man and collecting all my stuff this week.

Wondering how I’m going to change hospitals now has anybody else done this quite late in their pregnancy? I’m only moving 40 minutes away..

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LuckyLou7 Tue 05-Feb-19 12:20:59

Your midwife will be able to advise you on how to access midwifery services when you have moved - give her a call.

You are doing the right thing in leaving. Hold your head high and walk away. I didn't read what you posted on another thread but life is too short to try and make things work with a man who disgusts you.

maddieharrison Tue 05-Feb-19 12:41:27

Well done for leaving. Its absolutely the right thing to do.
Regarding changing midwifery services and hospitals don't worry too much. I did the same thing around 30 weeks as we moved to a different area. This was literally around two months ago. Change GP surgeries and they will get you a new midwife. She will also sort out transferring your details from one hospital to another.
Don't worry too much about the medical side of things. Just get out and away from him.

Seapoint2002 Tue 05-Feb-19 15:15:25

If he has nothing to hide ask to swap phones for the day.

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