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Compulsive and reckless spending

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Notbeingrobbed Wed 28-Nov-18 07:28:27

I am liable if my STBEX is incurring massive debts? What happens in the case of compulsive gambling? Am I just meant to suffer the consequences? Isn’t this a form of domestic abuse? He isn’t living in the house any more but surely this recklessly depleted the marital pot?

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KayM2 Wed 28-Nov-18 07:53:07

Oh dear.... so sorry ; could Citizen's Advice be any help?

Notbeingrobbed Wed 28-Nov-18 08:02:34

I don’t see how Citizen’s Advice can help when a lawyer can’t. This man is hell-bent on destroying his family. I just need to be divorced ASAP.

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ememem84 Wed 28-Nov-18 08:05:22

Is it joint money he’s using from a joint account? If so take half of what’s in there and put it in an account in your sole name. And explain to your lawyer what you’re doing. Just so it’s on record.

Notbeingrobbed Wed 28-Nov-18 08:13:02

No, this is from an account of his own. He can no longer access the joint account.

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brizzledrizzle Wed 28-Nov-18 08:18:49

Have you got a deed of separation from a solicitor? We got one and from that date neither of us were liable for the other's debts etc.

ememem84 Wed 28-Nov-18 08:20:56

Ah ok. Well that’s better than if it was from a joint account. Still not great though.

Agree with the above poster do you have a separation agreement? If you do this should mean you’re not liable for each other’s debts. It does where I am anyway. It’s usually written in.

TweetieFruFru Wed 28-Nov-18 08:28:04

I have Decree Nisi. My solicitor has not mentioned a Deed of Separation.

AmyDowdensLeftLeftShoe Thu 29-Nov-18 04:06:54

If you have a decree nisi and you applied for the divorce then as soon as the 6 weeks and 1 day is over crack on and apply for your absolute.

MissedTheBoatAgain Thu 29-Nov-18 05:00:39

No, this is from an account of his own

Can't see how what he has done with money from his own account makes the OP liable? Might even go against him when assets are split?

Refer to the following link that gives some information about Deed of Separation

ememem84 Thu 29-Nov-18 06:17:57

Where I am (Channel Islands) even if it’s a sole account it’s taken into consideration re split of assets. So if he’s depleting his own account he could get awarded more of the marital assets.

Obviously this may not apply in the U.K. deeds of seperation are common here for that very reason.

Here you also <have> to blame one party for the divorce. There was. Case recently where the husband was in effect the “guilty” party because there were children involved. Law here almost always favours the mother. Despite the fact that the wife/mother in this case had an affair

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