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Husband wants to split

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LFWarrior Mon 14-May-18 23:51:36

Hi, I was in this position five years ago and believe me, if you still have feelings for him (or even if you don’t) don’t torture yourself by staying. You will manage. You really will, I know the scared you feel. It overwhelms you at times but that’s ok. We don’t have to be ok all of the time. By moving out he will have to shoulder some responsibility for the care of the children which will give you some space and time to yourself to try and put yourself back together again. Sometimes things happen for s reason. Mind was to remind me that I am important too. It was me who needed reminding more than anyone else. I feel for you. I really do. Sending you strength and a huge HUG. Good luck xx

Jonbb Mon 14-May-18 23:44:43

Dont do this. Its cheaper for him if you continue living in the same house but we did it for six months out of necessity and it was a nightmare.

TheReferoo Mon 14-May-18 23:40:59

I don’t have any answers but will watch with interest as my husband wants to do the same. It’s killing me but I can’t seem to make the leap to force the proper split sad

Singlenotsingle Mon 14-May-18 22:54:50

Difficult to lead separate lives if you've got 2 children. Have you got enough bedrooms to have one each? How would Christmas work? Has he got AW?

QOD Mon 14-May-18 21:38:42

How are you doing? I have a friend in similar situation (one adopted child with FASD and attachment disorder)
They seem to have reconciled. The actual realisation of how it would be if one moved out seemed to be the nudge they needed

HammerToFall Mon 14-May-18 13:01:42

I won't go on to the why's and what nots but husband wants to spilt but carry on living in the same house for the sake of the kids but lead
Separate lives.

I don't think I can do, I need to leave as can never afford the mortgage on my own.

Two adopted children with attachment disorder coupled with my depression have broken us.

How do I stop feeling so scared, grow up and get on with it?

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