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Divorce/separated but still living in same house...

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wonderwoman23 Wed 15-Nov-17 18:41:45

Just wondering if there’s anyone out there that for financial reasons have had to stay living in the same house even after divorce/separation? I hear that this is happening a lot due to not being able to afford to sell house and go separate ways? I have been thinking about it at least until the eldest is 16....but I’m not convinced it will work just because DH is still in denial. Will he ever accept the marriage is over!

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blackteasplease Wed 15-Nov-17 22:24:26

My experience is that it's hellish, sorry.

Desperately trying to get out of the situation by taking ex h to court over financials at the moment, but we've been almost 2 years separated whilst still living together.

He's a v difficult person though, EA in my view.

MissTeBe Thu 16-Nov-17 03:47:46

I did it for 2.5 years

They’ve been horrible

I wouldn’t choose to do it again, sorry

ChangingStates Thu 16-Nov-17 04:26:59

We agreed to separate 3 weeks ago and are still in the same house, and may still be until January. The split is an agreed one and I think that makes it easier and, at the moment, we are fairly amicable. But even with all that I would rather be in my own space now and even the thought of January seems too long to keep this up.

divorcenightmare Thu 16-Nov-17 06:29:25

We are living in the same house at the moment too. And yes it's horrible. DD1 tells me he may be moving out though (!). Not sure I believe this but it would make it a lot easier while things are being sorted out.

He reckons I am a vindictive gold digger and all kinds of other horrible things. If/when he is not around I might be able to start healing.

ChangingStates Thu 16-Nov-17 22:59:59

Wanted to add a bit to what I said above...
If we could communicate well then I think it would be easier because we could talk about what this is now and how it works living together when no longer together, create a shared understanding. As it is I feel like I am being upbeat and friendly and he is being monosyllabic, grumpy & withdrawn.

Goddamitt Sat 18-Nov-17 01:03:03

I did this for 9 months after we split. He moved into spare room. We didn't tell the children we'd split for 4 months. It wasn't too bad as he was out the house from 5am until 9ish and was only there a few nights as he ran straight to the woman he'd been seeing on and off for 15 years when I told him I wanted to end it.

He currently still stays in the house on the weekends he has the boys but that will change soon as he's buying a house up the road. Our circumstances are quite unusual though as once he'd accepted it (3 weeks) we both moved on pretty quickly and maintain an amicable relationship in front of the children. We still do stuff as a family. That will probably change soon when the divorce starts and he has to share 'his assets'...

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