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Should I stay or should I go?

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Kasey81 Mon 28-Aug-17 08:57:40

My husbands a good man, we have 2 boys aged 6 and 8 and have been married 9 Years. We've known each other 11 years. We've had some really good times together and also some not so good times together. Every few months we go through a tough patch where we argue a lot and our sex life is non existent. Usually we get through it and manage to get things back on track. However around 8 weeks ago we had a massive argument about money. This has been the trigger to how I'm feeling right now. Weve managed to sort money but during this time I feel like I don't love him. To be honest I've thought this before but never been able to tell him. Recently I told him that I don't love him and it's over! After telling him I felt relieved ( I sort of hoped I would feel sad and have regret) but I haven't and this makes me thing it's the right decision. I've also since told friends thinking it may trigger guilt but again it hasn't. He does a lot for me and helps a lot around the house. My parents know we're not getting on and my mum is saying I need to think about my boys as they'd be devastated and that I'll struggle doing everything myself once he's gone. I honestly feel like separating will be the right thing to do but this could be the biggest mistake of my life.we have our main family holiday to go on in October (we're going with my parents) I don't think he should come as it's giving false hope. We're also taking our boys to Lapland in December (just the 4 of us) again I think I should ask my mum to come with me and him stay at home. Having said all this, I've booked us in to relate tomorrow evening to try and give things one last chance but I think it will just confirm things for us. Has anyone also felt something similar to this?? Need some advice.

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YoLoZammo Thu 31-Aug-17 15:52:46

Go with your gut. You feel what you feel.

Don't override that with practical considerations or with what you think is expected of you. Two happy separate households are better than one dysfunctional one full of resentment and lacking love.

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