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Divorce procedure what's next?

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Tinkerbell2203 Mon 31-Jul-17 21:23:43

Thanks all, got the date for the Nisi through. So I suppose now I wait the 6 weeks after that for the next bit!

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Properjob Mon 24-Jul-17 03:34:59

Hallo User can't sleep either? I just read elsewhere in the Divorce threads you can apply or do a finance thing after Absolute. I didn't know because that's not the plan for my case. Hmmmm....wonder why your ex wants one now!

user1498911589 Mon 24-Jul-17 03:06:27

Sorry op but I have a question. Do you need a financial order when you are already divorced? We've been divorced for a year and now ex-h wants one.

Properjob Mon 24-Jul-17 02:52:06

It does take a few this the first stage, so you will get a decree Nisi declared, then after minimum 6 weeks 'cooling off period' stbxh can apply for absolute, with the finance agreement. Court turns Nisi plus agreement into Order plus Absolute. But this takes another few are talking at least 3 months total I think good luck!!

Tinkerbell2203 Sat 22-Jul-17 19:44:42

My husband filed for divorce, I got the papers, filled them out (agreeing to everything) and sent them back. That was about 4 weeks ago, and I've not heard anything since. What happens next?

Finances are already all sorted so nothing to do there.

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