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Is getting a divorce difficult?

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youokayhun Wed 23-Nov-16 16:15:03

my partner is still married, he wants a divorce, she wants a mum keeps getting involved and filling DP's head with how impossible it is to get a divorce and he's so baffled by the whole process he does actually require her help. I don't care either way in case anybody thinks I'm trying to push for divorce for my own benefit.

There is a child involved although their current arrangements work well and I shouldn't think there would be any arguments about her care, there are no assets involved however they were only married for a year and have been separated just over so it's only been 2.5 years approx since they even got married....I understand there is advice on the web that says they like people to be separated for 2 years etc and at his request I have tried to look into the details but as far as I can see you CAN still get a divorce earlier....can anyone enlighten me on the basic process/costs involved? I imagine that one or both parties will submit the divorce on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour and DP is happy to accept those grounds should she wish to state them because he literally just wants to be divorced at the end of the day...

TheTapir Thu 24-Nov-16 15:20:38

There are three options for filing for divorce: adultery; unreasonable behaviour (examples would be needed); and 2 years separation with consent or five years without.

Whoever files for divorce has to pay £550.00 when they send their papers to court. It's easy enough to download the forms yourself and there is also an on line guide to completing the petition.

I've consulted a solicitor and am getting her to deal with the finances as my STBXH is likely to be an arse, but am so far doing the divorce myself.

I hope that helps a little bit.

PussInCoutts Thu 01-Dec-16 20:08:27

Getting a divorce is not hard. If it's amicable and child arrangements and financials are agreed upon I'd say it's really easy.

You need 5 examples of unreasonable behaviour. apparently anything goes these days. It will take 6 months for decree nisi and then absolute can be applied for straight after.

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