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Help. Dead marriage.

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geordiegeorgie Wed 09-Nov-16 01:34:57

The headline is gimmicky, but I'm crying as I type. In summary:
* together 10 years
* married 5
* never been interested in sex
* I knew this and still married him (my fault)
* lovely man. Never hit me. Intelligent. Funny.
* 2 kids: 4 and 2.
* 100% grateful the kids have a WONDERFUL father. Perfect.
* shit bond. No desire.
* wonder if he's gay / asexual.
* my heart HURTS. Being undesired for 10 years

Patry Mon 14-Nov-16 06:54:24

Is sex the only thing that isn't working?
I know it is important but I'm asking because I'' hardly ever interested in sex with my DH but that's because I don't think I'm interested in him anymore and our marriage isn't working.

user1479786586 Tue 22-Nov-16 06:30:39

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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