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held to ransome by explicit pics

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paul1900 Wed 15-Jun-16 20:55:23

A friend of mine (age 27) wants to divorce her husband. She only married him when she became pregnant and her son is now 9 months. The father isn' really interested BUT has threatened to show explicit pics of her as a cam model unless she pays 1000 Euros. He knew about her job when he married her. He wants to prove she is a bad mum (she isn't) but will then get his mum to bring up the baby. She doesn't have a job, he does. The twist is that this is in Romania. Bizarrely Cam modelingl isn't illegal, and quite well paid, but when it comes to the law, the Catholic morals come in and 'bad person, low morals' seems to override the fact that she is a great mum with a bonny boy! Not sure there is anything that can be done. The Romanian solicitor said pay it - but of course the pix are always around, even if no permission was sought from the host website. Any ideas? Thank you!

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tic73 Sat 18-Jun-16 09:05:50

Call his bluff!!!!
If he goes ahead then ok she will be shamed but he's the one who obviously took the pics and he will be the one posting them so he's going to look equally as bad!
Maybe go to family and explain what he is planning to do.
Get her to say the scumbag drugged her or threatened her to do it!
Fight fire with fire and stand up to that controlling vile bully!

Berthatydfil Sat 18-Jun-16 10:09:05

Not sure of the laws in that country but surely its blackmail,
Divorce or not threatening someone with photos like this for money is a crime.

However if he's just got copies and the originals are still out there then what's stopping someone else doing the same again or him coming back for seconds when the money runs out.

Police and then tough it out.

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