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DIY divorce?

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CharlieBear15 Tue 11-Aug-15 23:45:50

Straight forward divorce, no need to sort childcare ect, no house to split.

Is it that easy? Applying on grounds on unreasonable behaviour (DV). Ex has agreed to sign as he wants it over with.

Help needed! X

Minime85 Wed 12-Aug-15 17:28:39

Hi there yep very easy I did it that way too. You have to have a separate thing for finances anyway that's nothing to do with the actual divorce itself.

I filled out all the forms myself. You need roughly 6 grounds for unreasonable behaviour and they need to be in the 6 months leading to you separating. I included dates with two of mine of specific arguments and words said by exh.

You have to word it in a particular way. I googled it but it's something like the petitioner was denied sexual relations from the defendant which made the petitioner feel etc etc and on the 21st sept 2014 the respondent called the petitioner 'bitch' in an argument about etc etc.

I gave exh a copy so he could see it before I sent it to the courts and then they send him a copy to sign and send back before it goes before the judge to see if judge agrees it.

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