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court - position statement help.

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januaryblues11 Thu 28-May-15 12:30:55

I am currently involved in a court case with my ex h over the custody of our ds who is 4.

currently, ds sees me 24 hrs a week spread over 4 days.

he starts school in September, and ex h is trying to reduce my contact to between 6 and 10 hrs a week which is unthinkable. I wanted more than 24. I wanted to keep ds but ex h refused point blank to leave our shared ownership place and I live in a 1 bed place which is a bit shoddy. I wanted ds to keep his lovely bedroom. But my ex h is trying to oust me more and more from ds life.

we had mediation which came to nothing because neither of us would back down. so now its gone to court. the judge told us to write 'brief position statements' I wrote 4 pages.

ex h has written 17 pages!!!! and a lot of that is ranting that I don't give him money for the mortgage. this is because I can't. I have rent to pay plus I pay 200 a month in child maintenance. I can't afford any more or there would be nothing left. ex h earns more than me and has been comfortably meeting the mortgage payment for the last 18 months.

am I right in thinking that financial issues have no bearing on a child custody case? I didn't put in anything about finance because I wasn't told to!!

thanks in advance

whitershadeofpale Thu 28-May-15 12:35:56

No you're right.

Don't worry, if anything it will help you as it looks as if your ex is angry and unfocussed on your son.

Keep your statement calm and factual and refer as much as possible to what's in your son's benefit. Remember as far as the judge in concerned this is not about you or your ex.

januaryblues11 Thu 28-May-15 12:51:22

ty very much. I'm just so worried about it allsad

Newbrummie Thu 28-May-15 19:59:33

Try not to worry, my ex made a complete tit of himself in court and it sounds like yours is too ... Be honest, let the truth do you no harm and stay entirely child focused. I have to say though kids don't give a shit about bedrooms ... I'd be tempted to take him to your flat to live if you can boys need their mums

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