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Tomorrow, I am moving into a rented house

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supadoula Thu 30-Oct-14 22:17:54

Hi all, tomorrow,I will be moving 2 miles away from my family home. DD is 11 and DS is 9. DH talks to the dog more than he talks to me and after year of trying to get him to accept the love and joy I offered and him refusing to do so and not giving me the chance of another baby after a miscarriage, I am finally leaving,
In typical British passive aggressive style, he is not saying anything and letting things rot....
My children are giving me grief for getting them to come with me in the new house, although they will see their dad every day after school until I come back from work and take them to my new place.
I am heartbroken and very sad. How am I going to help them settle in??

OinkOinkOink Thu 30-Oct-14 22:29:19

Big hug from me. Sounds like you are being very brave. Try to be kind to yourself in this stressful situation.

How much have you told them about why you are moving? I think that settling in / acceptance is probably linked to finding a way of helping them to understand the situation. It's probably inevitable that your kids will reflect pain and sadness back to you (and him).

I have not been though this personally (yet), but might be in the foreseeable future. A friend of mine who is a year down the line explained to her kids using the analogy of chips and icecream: you like chips? Yes... you like icecream? Yes... but do you like eating them together? noooo Yuk! Well - imagine Dad is chips and Mum is icecream.

Hope that helps x

Greengrow Sun 02-Nov-14 17:25:09

Have you spoken to a solicitor?
It is virtually always much much better legally if you stay put in the family home. Do you own a house with your husband?

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