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Sortinghat Sat 23-Nov-13 11:49:32

For just over two years we have been living in mobile homes while my husband fulfils his dream of building a house.....or rather leaves me to on a steep learning curve trying to manage the build and look after the children and run my own business.....while he works with his father in the family business while telling me what I am getting wrong regarding the build, looking after the children, keeping things tidy etc ect...

We have three children and are starting the third winter in the mobile homes and quite frankly I can't go through another winter being cold and I am not prepared to let my children go through it. The water freezes, we struggle to wash clothes and ourselves, so having been offered a house to rent have decided to take it if I can afford it and leave him. I would be entitled to working families tax and child tax credit but i don't know about housing benefit as although we own the house although we can't live in it, I think it would be considered savings.

After being under so much pressure for so long my ability to cope seems very reduced and I know this won't be pleasant but I need to do it.

Has anyone else experience of a similar situation and can suggest how to move forward. I have the offer of the house but what do I do next?

mummy2wills Mon 25-Nov-13 22:39:53

Besides the nightmare build is your relationship good? If so, I would stick with it OP. Think of the positives and what you will have both achieved when you are in your new house, choosing carpets and curtains. It's great to be with someone that does have dreams. Try and offer your support to him, but also remind him that you need support too. Between you both draw up a realistic time scale of how long the build is going to take. Set yourselves goals for each stage and reward yourselves when you reach them. It's going to be hard for a few months but I'm certain it will be worthwhile. Good luck

Handywoman Tue 26-Nov-13 18:33:54

OP Does he criticise you re kids and cleanliness? Is that right. (Difficult to glean from your post). Sounds like you are at end of your tether. If you are thinking of leaving and have thought about tax crests etc I am guessing this is past the talking phase? Really sorry you are facing this. I think you need 'time out' to get perspective so I would accept the offer of a warm house for the winter and some thinking time. You might get more replies to this on the Relationships board which is much busier.

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