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Separation agreement - not married

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redundantandbitter Fri 18-Oct-13 17:40:45

Try to make it short. Ex moved out 18 months ago and boughtt house with new g/f and got married. I am in our old joint home - joint mortgage - with kids 4 & 8 yrs. he pays child maintenance as worked out on the child maintenance website. I pay all the bills and mortgage out of his money, my 2 jobs and benefits.

5 weeks ago I went on a course with work (crap job I hate) for women - get more motivated etc as its a very male dominated workplace. That night kids dad was hassling me about money and share of the house - I feel I am
Being stitched up - I' m quite naiive I guess and not good at looking at big picture. That day of the course We were asked if we had a 'supportive partner' at home. I thought OMG no, I don't think I have. My gorgeous darling of 4 years lives across town . I stewed quietly for a couple of days before seeing him and before I could say I felt unsupported he told me he had met someone else (more spiritual) see my thread in relationships. So since then my head had been completely f**ked and I still haven't addressed the house / money issue. Both my jobs are Insecure and my mortgage provider ( said if I want to take kids dad off joint accounts then I would need to remortgage too so he still has access to funds I rather he didn't. He wants a % share in house not an actual
Amount . Is that something other people have come across. He's being a Tw*t coz I had an affair - but I strongly believe he was too- and he's happily married to her and living in the countryside .

Collaborate Sat 19-Oct-13 11:12:42

Under the children act (schedule 1) the court has the power to delay the sale of the house until the children grow up.

There are numerous threads about this in Legal Matters.

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