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The D petition is here from the court!

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senorita02 Thu 21-Mar-13 22:05:56

Finally, i have been served with a petition! Over the weekend DH was ill as a dog and i was obviously doing what i did before, "looking after" everyone. This week, i have been served! So, this could be what he really wants besides all that "i love you" under his breath when he was ill obviously, he could just be delirious! Silly me, thought he really cares. Guess what, Dh taking DC's and me on easter weekend break too. Our last family holiday as he said in his e mail to me when i sent him some accomodations to look at.
Dh is home every weekend and 1 weekday, sleeps with us, eats with us cuddle with us, shares a glass of wine every time he has one and yet he wants to "D" . I CAN'T DO THIS! not when he is around here behaving so normal.Sooooo confused, distressed, i can't hold up! sad

foolonthehill Fri 22-Mar-13 21:41:39

Then don't be "normal" he is divorcing you? well then don't cook, clean or play happy families with him. That does not happen when someone divorces you. perhps he will need to pay for separate rooms for the holiday...or don;t go!

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