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Yo Dads! I'm new to the board.....

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JimbobJones Mon 18-Aug-08 12:21:03

Hi, Just thought I'd announce my arrival on dadsnet. Due date of baby #2 was yesterday and DW is fed up that baby has not come out yet! DW is a veteran of mumsnet and thinks its the best support network she has (other than me that is). We have a 2 year old boy who is sometimes a real handful....nothing out of the ordinary, just being a little lad really. I'm a real believer in common sense and do all the things from a parent and husband point of view that I think are the right things to do (don't get too involved with parenting books and manuals although they do come in handy for certain things) always open-minded though and glad of any help I can get.

I'm just after any good advice you fellas (or ladies) have for a dad to be with a struggling wife and a 2 year old.


Nbg Mon 18-Aug-08 12:23:03

Oooh a 2 year old boy.
I have one of them and he's a huge handful grin

Good luck to your dw with the imminent birth and welcome to MN.

theSuburbanDryad Mon 18-Aug-08 12:29:10

Make sure your dw gets plenty of rest. Take your toddler out for lots of high energy games at the park when you can - and help out with bath/bedtime. Do the chores as much as you can - I know it's difficult if you're working full-time as well. smile I am currently pg with a 19 month old and I'm astonished at how exhausted I am - the fact that my dh loves taking our ds out and helps so much with the household chores is invaluable to me - and stands him in good stead for when i'm less tired...if you know what I mean! wink

Welcome to MN!

JimbobJones Mon 18-Aug-08 13:00:32

Cheers folk.

Things tick along quite well (I think) at the mo. we're in a good routine and DS has slept through 7 till 7 for 18 months now which is a godsend after the hell the first 6 months were! I think the main concern we have now is how we (especially DW) will cope with a terrible 2's and a new baby.

I kind of do shift work, 8-4 one week, 10- six the next... I go straight out on the early shift but means I have QT with DS from 4:30 onwards till bed time and clean house do washing etc, then on 10-6 shift I get him up everyday, changed, dressed, breakie and playtime till I go out whilst DW has a lie in with a brew. Then I get home in time for DS bedtime story and clean house...something I have become very good at and gets done quite quickly wink. I take DS out on saturday mornings.. doing the recycling, shopping and to the park. Then on Sunday morning I take him swimming which we both love. DW gets a rest listening to the Archers, drinking tea and have a bath etc.

I'm having a month off leave when baby comes (2 weeks off, 2 back working and 2 weeks off again). DS went to chilminder one morning a week but has just stopped cos she did things we didnt like/too expensive, My parents retired but live 1 hour away and not self-starters when it comes to child care so we dont have them looking after DS (were just not confident in them, but signs recently a bit more promsing). Parents-in-law still work, are good with him, but busy busy people and help out rarely.

Basically we will be ok when I'm off, but am worried about DW when I am at work when she has her wotr cut out with 2 litte 'uns.

Any help/advice/tips extremely welcome

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