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Rihanna - hot or not?

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UnquietDad Fri 07-Dec-07 15:10:14

I'm torn.

Such erudite topics deserve an outing on dadsnet.

PaulaYatesbiggestfan Fri 07-Dec-07 15:23:22

i am lost

Blandmum Fri 07-Dec-07 15:24:46

I keep reading this as 'Ribena, hot or not?'

And it takes me back to school xmas parties in my yoof, when this was offered to you!

Dinosaur Fri 07-Dec-07 15:25:04

I misread this as "Ribena - hot or not?".

I'll get me coat.

Dinosaur Fri 07-Dec-07 15:25:24

great (?) minds, mb grin

Blandmum Fri 07-Dec-07 15:26:19

I always read 'Muslins' and 'Muslims' as well.
I accelerating towards my dotage!

Spagblog Fri 07-Dec-07 15:26:25

I like ribena hot with a little honey...Oh, okay...

singleparentdad Fri 07-Dec-07 20:41:48


If ever in doubt, watch 'Hey, Mr DJ' swiftly followed by 'SOS' (but close your eyes during the afro purple cat suit bits, not her best look).

camillathechicken Fri 07-Dec-07 20:42:34

ye gods ! when did we get dadsnet!!

camillathechicken Fri 07-Dec-07 20:44:39

oh i seeee

tis the mens' room

i think she is hot if that helps although her singing is a bit nasal and whiny

but i am a feathery chicken, so what do i know?

DeePancrisPaneven Fri 07-Dec-07 21:02:34

Nice name-change MNHQ!!

Well, Happy Da I mean UQD, would you?..

PaulaYatesbiggestfan Fri 07-Dec-07 21:15:31 so lucky?

TenLordsaLapin Fri 07-Dec-07 21:16:56

LOL, another one who thought this was about Ribena grin

UnquietDad Fri 07-Dec-07 21:26:30

I like the way she peeks through her wonky fringe, and the little leather dress is phwoooarghsome. But I tend to like my laydees to register a little more amply on the buxometer.

TinyTimLivesinVictorianSqualor Fri 07-Dec-07 21:31:20

UQD, I'm disappointed, I thought you had more class.

UnquietDad Fri 07-Dec-07 21:32:02

More class than.... ?

sallystrawberry Fri 07-Dec-07 21:33:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

singleparentdad Fri 07-Dec-07 21:34:29

I'm with you on that score UQD, but as I'm never likely to see those assets on show, I prefer to think she has an ample busom (again, see Hey Mr DJ, in sharp blue dress, they're not exactly mini-norks in that!)

BTW can you have a butchers at
and let me know what you think?

themoon66 Fri 07-Dec-07 21:40:09

I only clicked on title coz I also read it as 'ribena'. I'd forgotten the comforting joy of hot ribena on cold winter nights [Mmm]

walkinginaWILKIEwonderland Fri 07-Dec-07 21:42:52

I think she is HOT. grin

TinyTimLivesinVictorianSqualor Fri 07-Dec-07 21:43:36

OMG, and Kelis too, wonderful, and yet you see the mums talking about the delights of Will Self (ok, so it was a mix-up but still) grin

Surely you boys would be better off discussing Carol Vorderman or Nigella?? wink

sallystrawberry Fri 07-Dec-07 21:45:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sallystrawberry Fri 07-Dec-07 21:46:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DeePancrisPaneven Fri 07-Dec-07 21:59:32

you're right, Sally, it doesn't count.grin

IT goes down as a 'spolied paper'. Which is what UQD may be looking at right now......

DeePancrisPaneven Fri 07-Dec-07 22:00:20


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