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Buying a top-floor Mansard roof apartment, EPC E40 - bad idea???

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fursitet Thu 06-Aug-15 12:51:35

Please help!!!

I am considering buying an apartment on the top floor inside the flat-top mansard roof of a Victorian mansion block. (the link to building photo is below).

It has timber frame walls and EPC E 40 with improvement potential to D 56.

It's a very expensive purchase overall but some 25% discount to "normal" flats in that building.

Will we be freezing living there even after changing the windows and boiler/radiators/termostat, etc. and/or have astronomic heating bills? (It's >1,000sq.ft.)

The internal wall insulation firms said that one can not insulate timber frame walls.

Please advise if I should just forget about it or what can be done to make it a comfortable home for family with small child.

Many thanks!!!

CoolWheelsPan Thu 06-Aug-15 20:21:39

What's your favourite ice cream?

PeterParkerSays Thu 06-Aug-15 20:30:21

I wouldn't consider a top floor flat with a small child, but for me it would because of the lack of outdoor space / difficulty getting a pushchair / shopping / toddler upstairs, rather than the temperature. If there is no way to insulate the walls adequately though, that's anoter important consideration. You'd be paying for heat which just goes through the roof.

fursitet Fri 07-Aug-15 09:44:51

Thanks for your input, PeterParkerSays. There's lift and huge & gorgeous communal garden that is ideal for kids - the main reasons why we like the flat but are very concerned that it would be freezing and bills would be £300-500 a months in winter

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