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mintymurray Thu 20-Jul-17 14:13:32

get on tinder , more fun smile

BesameBesame Mon 11-Feb-13 21:39:47

I met someone who was on POF and I was on another site which turns out is a 'sister' site.

I got very disillusioned by all the gobshiters tbh.

Am happily single again and prepared to stick with RL encounters from now on, but good luck OP smile

karrie8 Tue 29-Jan-13 17:46:55

I did use it once myself but had a bad experiance. Dont give your number out too quickly thats my advice :-)

JayARC Sun 27-Jan-13 19:31:00

I've just rejoined, am slightly terrified. The dating thread - number 38 - in the Relationships section has lots of people on it who use it. Best of luck!

Daddelion Sun 27-Jan-13 19:25:03

I've rejoined the dreaded Plenty Of Fish, and I seem to be getting pretty much nowhere.

Any one done it? Any tips?
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