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John ogroats to lands end..have you? Would you?

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Queenofthesilverdollar Wed 31-May-17 23:25:33

Researching about doing a long bike ride. Will need to train etc but would love to do John O'Groats to lands end. Has anyone done it how hard is it, how long did you take etc etc

BarchesterFlowers Thu 01-Jun-17 04:38:49

DH nearly did it two years ago but his friend cancelled at the last minute. I think he will do it on his own at some point.

Cycling UK forum has its own LEJOG board.

You need to think about things like maintenance and carry what you need/acquire the skills to keep your bike in tip top condition or do a supported ride. Lots of companies out there offering support.

Have you thought about coast to coast first? info here.

We are cycling C2C as a family of three for a children's charity later on this year. It could be a good introduction.

leonardthelemming Thu 01-Jun-17 14:13:42

DW and I did this, in 2013, immediately after we retired. Our trip was a bit different though, because:

* We took nearly six weeks

* We did it on folding bikes (although that was a last-minute change of plan)

* We took a devious longer route up the East coast

* We used a lot of minor roads and traffic-free paths

We didn't do any special training, although we had done a couple of other longish rides earlier that summer. We had also just returned from supervising a Silver DofE expedition in Normandy/Brittany where we didn't cycle but the group of 15/16 year-old girls did, so we were feeling enthusiastic!

We wrote a blog - - and if you are interested in the actual route then pm me and I can send it (in .gpx format).

We really enjoyed it, and on the whole the weather (September/October) wasn't too bad. Go for it!

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